Unicorn being aggressive


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I was going through a divorce after being married to a man who was diagnosed with NPD. I dozed off on the sofa one afternoon. I woke up feeling confused and really , a bit dazed.I had a dream of me standing in our front yard. I was on one side of a huge tree and the now ex, was on the other side of the tree. In front of the tree was a brown dog lying in the grass. It was not one of the three dogs we owned , but in my dream , I knew the dog belonged to the ex. All of a sudden a big , beautiful , white unicorn landed in between the ex and me just in front of the dog. I remember being amazed at seeing this gorgeous creature, when all at once it raised up then came down on the dog. It then huffed at the dog and nodded at me and flew away. I was frightened that the dog was hurt but it was only roughed up a bit and more scared than hurt. I can still remember exactly what the ex was wearing . He didn’t seem to have any reaction to what had just happened before our very own eyes in our front yard....he was emotionless. I woke up and was confused. Anyone have any ideas on the meaning?