I am on vacation with my hubby and/or mum.
I don't know how we got to the transit point, plane or any other means, but we are on a high altitude snow covered mountain and have to take the "mountain rail". It is a type of scenic train with no windows or roofs running on pretty narrow rails. It runs super close to the edge through a sort of low half tunnel. In running direction to the right and above is solid rock, to the left is a gaping abyss, I can't even see the edge from the train. Snow blows in my face, not sure if it is snowing or the wind is blowing away the snow from the peaks. Partially the train has to make narrow turns and even tilt 90° to the side over the edge because the tunnel has become too low. It is like a roller coater ride without seat belts, but I enjoy it. I am awed by the physics defying train.

I don't recall getting off the train or getting on a bus, but we are on a bus now, approaching our destination. Our hotel is in a giant glass building. From the bus I can see large screens inside the building, they're showing a swimming competition, I believe, and I talk about it with my mum. The bus stops a short distance across the street from the hotel, we get of. I notice that our luggage has already been taken care of and is probs waiting for us in the hotel. A man welcomes us at the bus stop. We cross the street and enter the building.
To my left I see an older man talking to a younger man who soon returns to his booth. There are booths everywhere. To my left is a large group of people painting/drawing local scenery. I go the the windows across the room and look out. I'm amazed by the scenery, but not so much my mum. I see a rapidly flowing, muddy river. The water level is probs higher that usual and the river seems to have flooded some areas/streets. I see tufts of grass peaking out of and trees standing in the stream. To the left I see large buildings, made of large reddish stone blocks typical for the region.
We move on to the left. My hubby passes a tent like structure, a medical check point, it's corona season after all. He has measured something, blood pressure most likely. I look around. There's no medical staff, I see devices to measure your height and weight, a blood pressure machine and something else I don't know, but no thermometer. I consider taking my blood pressure, but decide against it and pass through the tent. At an info point we try to figure out the way to our rooms. We find some info and head back to the entrance area. A bus drives through the building bringing more guests. I take a look at the young man's booth. He and his partner sell orgonite and stuff, and I take a closer look at what seems to be a tiny pendant. As the woman approaches me, I back off.

We get on a bus to our first tourist destination, a farm or something. The bus drops us off in the middle of a field. My hubby gets of and goes out through a door in the fence. I get of, there's a white horse in the field. Right in frond of me is parched tall grass and some thorny shrubbery, but it's only a few steps to the door. I turn around, and the bus has disappeared. The field slopes down, there are only patches of moss and low grass, but the distance to the end of the field is much longer. A man is standing on the path at the edge of the field, my hubby is next to him. As the man releases two more animals, a cow (?) and a large dog into the field, I feel insecure, like an intruder. The dog looks at me for a while than turns away, I decide to take the short way out and force my way through the shrubbery. Out the door, my path is blocked by tons of spider webs. With a sigh (surprisingly not at all freaked out, just annoyed), I grab a stick and one after another I rip the webs apart, wondering how my hubby made it through here. The webs are more sturdy than anticipated. The man from before is now behind he, helping and showing me a particular bluish, and venomous spider pointing out that "it is quite potent". We finally make it down the stairs.