Vaccine stress dream?


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In the dream there was a sale in the shop so everyone was lining up to buy the newest CD... I don't know which band but everyone, including me, was crazy about them.

While in the shop I heard a rumor that the in-house clinic was offering vaccines.

Not only did I have to leave the line and join another line for that but the door to enter the clinic was so tiny I had to fight just to get my head through it! It was like something for a doll house.

After beating a few guys and pushing myself through the door through sheer will power I was finally in the clinic and they let me have the vaccine.

Which they injected straight into my middle finger! Not joking, it hurt like crazy having a needle that long go in there and then the doctor withdrew the syringe but kept the needle sticking out of my flesh. I asked and asked but when everyone ignored me I just pulled the needle out... just to discover it was actually holding my finger up. My finger was broken and bonelessly flopping around!

I panicked like crazy and started yelling. Only then did the staff care and telling me off for being a big baby held my finger... and sprayed it with liquid nitrogen freezing it! Alarm bells went off inside of me. This can't be good, I'm going to lose a finger. But the doctor just laughed off my fear as she continued to freeze it... it was turning blue and I woke up from fear.


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Yeah that last bit came out of nowhere. Even I was confused by it in the dream.

I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the list for the vaccine. If I get it then of course but for now it's only available to those over 65 and frontline workers.