Very strange dream!


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My dream starts with myself and a friend and his Dad heading to another town as my friends Dad had an appointment and after that we headed to one of his friends house which was on the beach. We are all hanging around on the back deck enjoying the sun and the sea is calm but after a while about 100 meters or so out a massive wave rises up about 20 meters high and crashes down instantly and very loudly, we all remark how weird it is but keep chatting like normal but it continues to happen periodically until after one of the waves crashes down someone points out that there is a dragon there that must have come from the water. All of a sudden there is thousands of dragons all about the size of a car hovering above the water and start running rampant and we all hide and try to stay silent to avoid detection and hope to stay alive until the military arrive.

In my dream I go to sleep and wake up hoping it was just a dream but quickly realize it wasn't and as we continue to lay low a couple military helicopters arrive but are quickly destroyed as there are now multiple large dragons who make short work of them. At this point someone tells me they have a way to get rid of the Dragons but to do so I have to follow someone as they have made a deal with them. At this point I'm introduced to a man who is not Ned Stark but who I recognize as Ned Stark and I follow him through some underground tunnels and he transforms into another figure who when he looks at me and I see his eyes are now made of fire I realize he's the Devil and he opens a doorway to Hell. Completely terrified but not feeling like I have a choice now I follow him further and as we come to a couple of closed off tombs the Devils hands become like molten lava has he puts them through the walls to the tombs and rips the walls open allowing those stuck in there to be released.

I'm instantly now back in the beach house and all the large dragons are dead on the beach and the little ones are mostly dead and the ones still alive are beginning to die and deteriorate when I notice a young boy almost on the beach trying to get his dog, all of a sudden the dog runs towards a dragon who is on the beach but unable to fly and to my surprise the dog attacks the dragon and kills it as it rips off some of its lips and comes running back to us but its at this point its obvious something is wrong with the dog as it's not moving properly and its skin looks like its starting to bubble at which point the dog speaks to it's owner " I'm sorry master, but you need to kill me now. The Dragons blood has corrupted me and you need to kill me before I become something worse". At this point the dogs owner tries to kill him but doesn't have the heart to do it and hands me his gun which looks like a two handed water pistol with red lights on the side but is some sort of high powered laser gun that he informs me will kick hard and have a recoil of a foot. I take the gun and turn to the dog but instead of a dog its now a young boy at which point I wake up!

I would like to state that I am not religious in any way and haven't watched Game of Thrones or anything similar in a couple of years and I have recently decided to quit smoking cannabis and after years of never remembering any dreams at all I am slowly starting to remember my dreams and this was the first one I've remembered in full.