War and revolution

We were rounded up and relocated to a temporary shelter then accounted for. There were dozens of us and this building is wooden and old. I dont know what is going on and why we're there, its some sort of emergency. We are there only about ten minutes before they start moving everyone out in a hurry.
We are led outside where its a sunny morning and marched quickly to escape boats. Its medeival times and very fantasy like and we are all civilians.

Theres two lines of people dressed in expensive medeival fantasy clothes and everything is sunny and glowing but somewhat blurry. The ecape boats are made to lie inside of and their tops are armored and closed with hinges. The waterway is skinny, barely able to the boats inside of but its difficult to get to because of the marshlike conditions. A few enemies appear, one with an oversized fantasy bow. He stops about dozens of feet away from me and shoots arrows into the escape boat as someone is getting into it and lying down, shooting three arrows and killing them. The boat is launched anyways with the top open and the next person in line is sent into the next boat but the archer gets them too with again three more massive arrows. The arrows are launched simultaneously and are highly decorated and about five feet long.

There is a roar behind us. I go back to look once the archer is eliminated and more guerrillas are attacking the line to the escape boats. The roar is from a second crowd with weapons, killing everyone in their path, running direct toward us.

I return to the escape area and then turn a corner, a crowd is there waiting to leave or be instructed and they are all wearing white shirts. The crowd starts to disperse and I start running up an alley and nearly all the crowd of civilians run up the main road with the attackers slaughtering them. I run for a long stretch maybe a mile and this alley turns into a heavenly glorious and glowing country path only some feet wide, a few others are behind me also trying to escape. None of the guerilas followed us but we're going as fast as we can anyways.

Theres nice houses with large yards on either side of each fence mostly hidden in dense foliage. They are peaceful country houses. Near the end of the alley it dead ends so I start climbing this fence and theres a vast sunflower field on the other side of it. I look back and see only one person made it, a young woman who reaches the place where I started to climb right as I leap into the sunflowers.