We all had a black(as in bruised)eye


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Is This where to post dreams? I dreamed myself and many family members(many of which are deceased) were all standing in a circle and we each had one black eye(as in bruised black and blue) and someone insisted on taking pictures of each one of us(I am highly opposed to having my picture taken). So each person had their picture taken and then when it came to me someone took picture and I said "let me see it" and they handed it to me and I looked at it and there was nobody there but just a pile of my clothing on the ground and I said "Oh.Thats not so bad" and that was it. I woke up and felt quite disturbed. I went back to sleep and had the same dream 2 more times. In waking life I am a 56 year old female with depression for 27 years or more.


Yeah, you're totally in the right place. You simply start a new topic every time you want to share a new dream.^^

You may think of yourself (and your family?) as "damaged goods".
When you see your picture, you realise that the outside only sees your shell, the mask you put on for them, or a projected image of you, but the you as a person is invisible to them. Maybe you are ashamed or in any other way reluctant to let people see what's really going on inside of you. So seeing your picture is in a way reassuring you that your mask is still working flawlessly.
There may be another side of you that wants to come out, and that's why you felt disturbed when you woke up. And that may also be the reason why you decided to share certain details about yourself in an anonymous place like this forum where you are no more than a faceless username. It's a start, tho.

Maybe you can relate to some of my ideas. And I hope you find relief for your depression soon.

I can totally relate to not wanting to have your picture taken. I look hideous in most casual photos. ;)