weird dream last night


New member
Hi I am new here but had a weird dream last night, I was sat up in bed after a read and fell asleep sat up but, in the dream i had like a whiteness come down from the top of my eyes to the bottom like fog then go after a few seconds, then i was walking in hout garden and the same thing happened in the dream, felt as though it was not a dream and woke up but i was scared thinking it was going to happen anyway i was in bed and seeing myself in the back yard i knew it was a dream as i woke up in bed, but it was so weird and scary , never had a dream like that before it happened a few times in the dream, anyone else had that i did not like it and scared to go asleep tonight , ive recently recovering from covid , currently long covid and been off work a while going back to work on tuesday and im type 2 diabetic and covid has left me with lots of issues, dreams are weird sometimes