Weird movie-like dream


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I'm a cis male in his late teens.

I was dreaming that I was a blonde wavy haired woman somewhere in her late teens or early 20s, and was set in the Victorian era (maybe? I only recall simple dresses and little to no technology). I don't know if the girl had a name, but for some reason 'Harriet Hatcher' came to mind. She lived somewhere in the woods next to some kind of swamp or marsh, in a big house with her mother, who looked old, and a bunch of servants (mainly maids). Apparently she was planning to go on a date with a lover. Maybe the girl had memory problems or something because she was told to keep a picture of him otherwise she'll forget what he looks like, and she kept it in her bedroom.

She was out taking a stroll with a cousin, who had the name 'Arlan'. I don't remember much about him other than that he was black. While conversing for some reason it was revealed that Arlan was having an affair with the girl's mother, and a heated argument ensues. For some reason the topic of religion came up and some place called Sumeru (a fictional country that's based off of the middle-east). I (the girl) threatened to talk with a priest on the topic of incest, and he got so angry that he stormed off.

She then went home some time after, and found that the picture of her lover was missing. Also I think Arlan was the one who was supposed to take her to her date. After telling her mother about what had happened, the mother looked worried and ushered the girl to go as fast as possible to Arlan's home to take back the picture. So the girl took a boat (the kind that uses oars) to go to Arlan's home. When she arrived, she climbed onto the roof and broke a window to go inside. After finding the picture, she was found by Arlan's father and a fight ensues, i don't remember what happened during the fight, but Arlan's father was gone, and Arlan came into the room, obviously infuriated. When she spoke about him taking the picture, he looked confused, then worried. Suddenly, the view I saw was looking into the room from outside the window, with the roof was visible. Arlan and the girl flinched when his father was impaled onto the sharp pointy roof, with some kid of yellow paint like substance covering his face. Arlan then told her to go back home as quickly as possible. While trying to take the boat, for some reason it broke and she was forced to swim to the other side.

When she was running towards her house, slowly the sky was being engulfed in darkness, until only a small patch of light was visible, so she ran towards it. I remember how everything was getting dark around her as she ran. Then suddenly, she was now in the modern era, as she almost got hit by a train, then arrived at my hometown, at a rich guy's house. Everything is muddy after this point, but I remember the girl stealing a sports car to go to some place, with some other cars chasing her. She then arrived at a place, then was dragged out of the car by the men chasing her. Then, the car exploded, killing the men who were after her. Then the owner of the car came and began talking arrogantly to the girl, she then somehow rigged his car to explode, then he laughed at her poor attempt to kill him. Then, a police officer arrived in a police car. The girl blamed the wreckage at the man, and he was arrested. After that I see that the sun was nearby, condensed into a small orb that has the darkness surrounding it, then blamed it on the man as well. I then don't remember what happened after that point. I woke up in the middle of the night, the fell asleep again, but now the dream I had before was some kind of movie, and in the second dream I was trying to google about the movie to no avail. The names of the movies that came up were something like '[name] and the [adjective] [noun]' After that i woke up and felt confused.

I don't think the dream had any meaning, i just wanted to share it.
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