werid dream, Disney-Pixar+Harry Potter

I had this dream last night (it was 2 part dream due to the fact I had to get up to go to the bathroom). But the main thing is that I was on some kind of assignment something to do with recusing the 3 main(?) characters from Wreck It-Ralph (Ralph, Vanellope, and what's the other guy from Ralph's VG?).. from someone. Its hard to tell but I think my dream self had history with this person. Well anyway-besides that I was on the assignment-like Harry Potter from the HP series- I had a bit of a reputation of "saving people" thing. But the weirdest part of the dream is that instead of them being in like a dungeon or something .. they and a bunch of other characters (I couldn't tell you who-they were-all but my mission was basically a bunch of blurs)-were kept in something between a mall food court and my high school's cafeteria except for some reason it had windows.. I do some magic on the doors with a wand (aka HP except I never went to a magic school and I don't think I was home-schooled)- but when I unlock the door the faceless/unknown villain (who for some reason was sitting at like the table where my main assignment was,... actually she looks to be like Vanellope's twin what little I could see of her) somehow knew I was there- and she somehow started to come over to where I was in between 2 doors-but I changed size (like rat size) and was able to run over very quickly through the window and changed back to normal size at the table and told the 3 people there to follow me. For some reason there was an down escalator right behind their table- and we go down it.. For some reason I ended up saying something about throwing Vanellope to me.. but I woke up from that part of the dream

I went back to sleep and apparently prior to my getting to this weird "dungeon" I kind of somehow borrowed Harry Potter's (formerly Sirius Black's) Motorcycle without his permission as well as 1 broom. But on the race out of the building I yelled over mys shoulder to Ralph to ask Vanellope a question only she and he would know the answer too. But I know that 2 smallish people wouldn't fit on 1 broom and yet somehow Harry Potter himself came to my aid and he took one and I took the other one (the whole reason I borrowed the Motorcycle was due to Ralph's size). But it's not exactly clear what happened next- but after flying through the air for awhile we landed someplace and created tents for the 3 people and Harry (from his experience from Deathly Hallows story- gave us some food-he never leaves his house without food in case of a similar scenario happening -and my dream self had the feeling she should turn herself in even though I was a 'good guy'. I think my dream self did because my 2nd time waking up my dream self was tied up.