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Hi, I want to preface this with, I am an extremely vivid dreamer, I kind of always have been a vivid dreamer, and I want to know what some of them mean because a lot of the time they don't make much sense to me, so if you see any symbols or anything like that please reply. Also, a lot of my dreams are, in some form, are of me being chased, what does that mean? I have over 50 dreams written down, and probably 42/50 are about me being chased by a group of people, or the government or some sort of organization. Last thing, but I want to say that the spelling and grammar might be really bad because I write these down right away in the morning when I'm not fully awake, so sorry in advance.

in my dream someone was trying to destroy the moon, and sailor moon was on a field trip with her school. there was this blanket portal thing that people could go in and the person who was trying to destroy the moon could control it. and that person was on the trip sailor moon just had to figure out who it was. I was like I was a sailor moon and watching at the same time. Once everyone was leaving they one of the old lady counselors that the sailor moon was close to tried to destroy it. She turned into a younger girl with red hair and a green outfit, a staff with a red ball on the end. she jumped up to the moon and was about to send a blast to destroy it but someone stopped her, one of the other counselors stopped her. At first I thought she might have been a good guy but then I changed my mind because it seemed like she needed the moon for some bigger scheme. The old lady counselor was asking me to turn into a sailor moon because the other counselor was destroying her but I was confused so I just ran. For some reason I didn't take the car out front, and instead started running through the neighborhood. i knew i wasn’t gonna be able to catch up to the rest of the family, so i would maybe have to hitchhike, but then molly was up ahead so i ran into her and accidentally and I fell in the mud. and then she fell in the mud. two people that looked a lot like Doug and Ella were standing nearby (there were a lot of people around for some reason) and I asked if they could give us a ride, but they looked at us weird. then they told us that there was this tunnel we could use. so they showed us down to this room, and molly went in right away but i was skeptical, and i was right. The girl said to close the door so I put my hand out and kept it open and yelled at Molly to run. She got up to the top of the mud slide but I was struggling. She grabbed my hand but then one of them grabbed my foot. somehow the mudslide turned into a structured mudslide and I was on the top part of it trying to crawl to the top. like i said there were a lot of people around so i screamed for help, and lots of people came over trying to pull me out of their grip, but then they started pulling other people down. I finally got out and then me and Molly got out of there fast. We ran to a nearby store, and ran into Sarah and megan. For some reason Megan had piles and piles of cheese that she was buying for some experiment. they had a car with them so we were just gonna ride with them. We got everything we needed and then I realized I forgot my phone somewhere. I saw it and ran to grab it, but then I saw the car from the driveway that I had originally run away from. I grabbed my phone quickly and told them to run to the car. Megan was still unloading her cheese and I told her to leave it so we got in the car and went. finally we got to this resort we had been to. Everyone was sitting by the pool. Sarah was trying to decide what movie we were gonna rent for the night and she asked about the princess and the frog but I said we’d already seen that one. meanwhile devin was looking at a sign that said the hot tub was only for guys. and then she got mad, and picked the lock to the hot tub (there was only glass and a glass door separating the pool and the hot tub) then she asked why it was only for guys, and no one responded so she just went to the other side, then she pointed out that a dog was in the pool why couldn’t she go in (there was a small dog in the pool with Tiny which doesn’t make sense because Tiny is a girl but whatever) and then jenny came along and gave devin ruby because she was complaining about the dog and then she gave ruby to me. everything switched after that and we were all at the house somehow. but where we lived was very strict on things. you had to do things a certain way at a certain time and we were planning on escaping. Doug and Ella came with the boys and then the only person we were waiting for was kelly. That's when I woke up.