What is happening with my love dreams?


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Hi, me and my friend are friends for 5 years now. She had a crush on me back then, but i didn't have feelings for her. Years later she had feelings again, but i didn't have for her. Now, after i let go of my ex and had some time alone, i started having feelings for my friend. It started just like a crush, but after 2 months now, i really do love her and i feel things that i haven't felt before with my ex. One night we talked and i told her that i have feelings for her and she told me she still feels something. The problem is that now she is in a committed 2 years long relationship. We talked a lot about the feelings and acted like a couple for like 2 days and it was awesome and when we were alone and we kissed she told me she feels something intense but doesn't know what to do because she loves her boyfriend and wants to be with him but at the same time she feels some intense connection with me. I told her something that kinda broke her trust of me and she decided to drop everything and be just friends with me and let herself love her boyfriend. Before we even spoke about that, i had a lot of dreams of her. First, i dreamed of a random girl that i fell in love with, after some time i had a dream where i had my friend next to me and suddenly she now was the girl that i fell in love with. That was before i fall that much in love. After that i had dreams of me and my friend cuddling and having woo-hoo. Then we had this conversation and both felt this intense love. Now, after she decided that she loves her boyfriend and wants to be with him, the same night i had a dream where we were together and i was talking with her father cuz he was sceptical towards me as her new boyfriend and i got to her home and had a nice talk with her family, we also were holding hands. My question is, are these dreams a sign that there is still something meant to happen between us, or is it just me subconsciously trying to avoid the reality? Me and her also got tarot readings in tiktok for a while where it says many things that lead to this we come together. And also my horoscope says that a close friend of mine has a crush on me and is my soulmate. I'm also seing angel numbers a lot and so many other signs. Please tell me what to think of these dreams, are they telling me something?