When dreaming is all fake like a current problem


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The fact that people are astonished by all of these dreams, nightmares scares me, the time is a leisure. Dreaming is opposite of living in a normal world, isn't it? Or is it a blank screw up trying to come for the modern reality? We don't know how many of us have understood or lived through a dream world, like it should be, a vibe of almost anything to happen (just that it is this world view screw up, how to attain, .) It is nearly nobody who understands the property of dreaming lucidly or maintanable. It is a strong shower full of hoaxes and tremble, waking up is just so unseen, it's a cover up, a very small tribute to what might seems to be the real world, the really well uncertain cult of the tribes of talking,; do we do a switch model? It's another nature to invoke in stupidity and far another aknowlegde, (finding nature like a scent),; like a problem staying there for a while. It is uncertain if we ever model the stunts of a dream to really happen in real life. Has it happened, it should be a fight for reality.


I don't know how much experience you have with dreams and dreaming, but your post is so cynical that I suspect that you have dreams but do not understand what they mean. Dreams are messages from your subconscious and they have to be interpreted in order to understand the message you are receiving. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of my book on the subject:

Now we come to the next question: “If the subconscious is sending us messages, why doesn’t it send them in clear language?” The answer to this is fairly simple. Most of the messages coming from the subconscious are about emotions or feelings. Feelings are very difficult to express in words, so we have to use similes. The subconscious is no different, but it uses pictorial similes such as familiar persons, traumatic events, specific action, or other familiar items in place of words. There are exceptions. One type of dream that I call Dream Wisdom always comes to me in words. Another type comes to me in words, but it is usually instructions for delivering a message to someone. Most of the others are in scenes showing activities that stir my emotions.

Dreams that scare you or “nightmares” are messages designed to get your attention. If I want your attention, I yell at you, touch you, pinch you, or hit you between the eyes with a two-by-four. The subconscious can’t yell, touch, pinch, or strike you, so it has to use a scary scenario to let you know you need to listen to what it is saying.

I have touched on the subject of “type”, so the next thing to consider is “type” of dream. Dreams can be sorted into the following types according to my experience.

A. Daily Life Dreams

B. Akashic Dreams

C. Precognitive Dreams

D. Dream Wisdom

E. Instructions

The first type, the Daily Life Dream, is the most common. It deals with what is happening in your life at this time. It may be about work issues, personal issues, relationships, education, or whatever is going on in your life at the time of the dream. These dreams will come when you are emotionally charged about something such as falling in love, having a fight, getting a promotion, facing a disappointment, losing a loved one, graduating from school, learning something new, or whatever.

I strongly urge you to find a book about dreams and dreaming experiences. You can learn a great deal about yourself from your dreams.