White Snake with dragon's head turning into an armadillo when I catch it


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Okay so the dream was way more than just the subject. It basically started out with me wanting to host a party and all of my friends coming to help to get the place ready.

We had to build stuff, fix stuff. Some other animals were in the start of the dream like Zebra, Eland, Chimps playing competitions against each other. As we were getting everything ready my life long best friend came to me to tell me he accidently bore into a snake that was in the wall.

I came to take a look. At first glance the snake was white and when I tried to help it out of the wall it tried to bite me. But the head was more like a dragon/eel look. Then it ran away and I chased after it. After a while I caught and when I caught it, it turned into an Armadillo than can go from furry to a hard shielded exterior. Naturally the furry was when I held it or when it wasn't threatened, when I showed my friends it would create the shield.

Once I released it(nothing was wrong with it) one of our other friends came to me and set she removed all the unnecessary animals ie Zebras, Eland and Chimps and removed a lot of the unnecessary party stuff. Then I basically woke up.