Why Was I Kissing My Ex's Best Friend??


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To start off this interesting dream...I was in a store with who im assuming was my boyfriend (I could hear him but I could never see him). We were just looking around when another man came up and asked if we'd like to buy this dildo. If I have to describe that....it had 2 parts that go in each hole and then had a brown and black striped tail. Why? I have no idea. This is the first I've dreamt about that sort of thing. Anyways, we ended up buying it because the man wouldn't leave us alone. I ended up trying it out and then the entire dream switched up to me being in my ex's best friend's house. He was upset because something had happened to his friend. He wouldn't tell me what, just said something happened. And then while I was comforting him, he started to kiss me. I could feel it, and I hated it, but I kissed him back. It was sloppy, wet, and unnatural.