Wilderness guide and high resolution extra sensory video game

This dream is a video game very unconventional from reality with reality mixed in.

We started off this mountain path, I been here many times before in wilderness dreams so I know where to take these people. We find the right landmarks reached in previous dreams and I'm impressed with myself to remember them all to show these people because its a rough dangerous path and I was constantly worried. We get there and then I leave them in town, soon its like a video game but I dont know how to play. The map is 3d with me looking down across it like the edge of a table. I am pulling this material off and rubbing smooth the landscape, the material is like saran wrap but more like a blanket the contours are the landscape. With one hand I rub the landscape flat and smooth, it feels like real cold butter that doesn't melt or a perfectly easy clay that doesn't stick or evaporate.

I find something and am suddenly taken away to a sidescrolling scene left to right and theres buffalo coming from the right but they look like oversized 16 bit and pixelated. This scene is so very impressive and ultra vivid with bright colors and well seen detail just like a real video game but the resolution is very high with many more pixels across the screen than most any monitor you'd use so there's plenty of space for detail although its a 16 bit scene, so you could say my vision has widened a lot like maybe I now have more eyes and you'd compare this to your normal human sight during waking hours would be like having two heads. So this ultra wide vision isn't so bad because you can process it just fine only its disappointing when you're awake to see how limited and dull your real vision is. So these 16bit buffalo are coming from the right and I don't know what to do because I dont even know its a battle scene like an an RPG. But I find out that I'm shooting them from the left of the screen and there's these lines of objects interspersed with these buffalo flying towards the left as well in simple formations like lines and goose formations. So I'm shooting at them Gradius style and cant get them all and go into panic mode because I am terrified they're gonna kill me if I let them through so I get ultra aggressive and start hitting them all and so in response the game makes itself harder and switches to a different view where these buffalo are coming straight at me from my front towards the camera and so now I have to shoot them Galaga style but everythings in hyper vivid high resolution 16 bit. I kill a couple of them but theres too many coming at me but that's alright because I beat the battle scene and I am taken away back onto the map but this one I am familiarized with on the location and the butter topography thing is gone.

I am very excited because I remember this dream world so well and set upon myself to take advantage of my memory but then I am taken away back to town where I left the others and they are very unhappy with me that I went on a buffalo killing spree and the game starts upon penalizing me for my violation although it was a life and death situation.

I awaken and actually don't realize I am awake, laying there feeling this strange pleasure in my brain and my ears like my inner ears are completely gone, that pressure you feel like theres open space there and my brain is relaxed and detached, its some sort of hormone to keep me relaxed and sedate. Then suddenly I am aware that I'm awake and prevent myself from going back to sleep so that I can write down my dream.

Highlights of the dream were remembering where I was and all the landmarks of this landscape as I'd done this many times and each time I was either alone watching for danger or being chased by wild animals through this same wilderness but this was my first time with companions. And there was this very intense feeling of exhileration during this scene as the excitement was very full and affecting. The game part was very impressive and being sucked into the game like that surprised me a lot but somehow I was able to figure out how to play although there was no real sense of using my hands on a controller or mouse and keyboard of any sort. Was a great dream to have since my dreaming isn't being frequent in recent months and usually dull. The high resolution wide screen thing was very impressive and brought a pleasure of added sense and depth and as always with high resolution ultra vivid dreams waking up is so disappointing.

On a side note I think this hormone keeps us from getting out of control because dreams can be so illogical and confusing so it sedates us in a way that makes us feel safe and relaxed even while fighting danger in a dream. Thats why you usually don't seem to have a problem with not knowing where you are or what you're doing. Same hormone that numbs your nervous system is what I believe.