witnessing events on another level of reality part 2

this sect had several leaders. and it was by no means unified on matters of belief. but as many of its leaders said, they were unified on the essential things.,such as belief in the immortality of the soul, strong moral precepts such as,compassion,the worth of each individual being ,faith,hope and charity.not in essence different from the churches and religions in our world. but there were several things on which they were not unified,and one of them was contact with the spirit world. probably because of the times of crisis they had just gone through and the high death toll there was much attempt to communicate with the other side and it was often successful too. but it was not limited to just that. there was a relatively small group of initiates within this religion which had special knowledge of how to manipulate the portals between worlds. they might be compared to some esoteric secret societies in our world. even though their number was small and they were only well known amongst some circles they were highly proficient at what they did, having advanced knowledge not readily known even to the clergy (or what might be termed the clergy, their function though similar in many ways was very different from the clergy in our world)they could establish contact with other dimensions, manipulate energy fields to produce a desired result, such as curing illness, healing psychically traumatized places or in some cases transporting themselves briefly into other realms.but those stays were always brief because many of those dimensions had a different energy and elemental structure-their own was slightly but not greatly different from ours- but also sometimes ascertain the molecular and atomic structure of many elements in the earth, thus finding out which area would be suitable for a certain activity such as ability to see into other worlds. which brings me around to what happened in this dream. a certain group of these initiates were conducting experiments on their own which they kept secret from even the other members,which were designed to bridge the gap between worlds and which involved nothing less than opening the portals between dimensions and in the process endangering both the residents of their own and the other worlds . the experiment was sheer lunacy and they understandably kept it secret from the others who would have put a stop it and fast if they had known of it. but the moment of reckoning could not be postponed forever, as their were strange creatures showing up in places unaccountably who whom no one had ever seen before. and someone not of this group who suddenly for no reason experienced terrible seizures and fell down . when they tried to help him up they could not. his body had become heavy as lead. when the ambulance arrived they had to hoist him onto the stretcher. when he got to the hospital the doctors who examined him had an interesting story to tell. not only was his body about 20 times the weight of an ordinary person.the entire molecular structure of his body had been altered. it was now radioactive. you see, without knowing it he had walked into a place where one of their more dangerous experiments had been going on. it had somehow changed the quality of the air. with less oxygen and some elements unknown to this world the air was now a deadly vapor and that was the result. they had not expected anyone there and thought they were safe. but when they realized he was coming they scattered in a hurry. leaving whatever it was they were trying to do unfinished. then the other initiates realized something was wrong. there was a prompt secret investigation. then it was discovered by keeping a record of all strange and odd events they found out some group had been tampering with things they should not have been. now these pseudo-adepts -for that is my term for them - technically had no leader,not being organized in a formal hierarchy, they had a very loose authority,but what they had was a higher adept.this was their term for anyone who showed special ability or unusual wisdom and discernment mixed with extra-sensory perception ,as we would say in our world, but their authority was very sketchy. so they decided to act on their own. so it was decided to inform the council of 11 first to tell them what was happening,and what the origin of these strange occurrences and why these odd creatures whom no one had ever seen before were turning up in this area . the range of the experiments covered a wide range of territory but there was one where it was most pronounced and it was the area was the one where what i just described happened. to make matters worse the aforementioned member of the esoteric circle got up from the hospital bed and was there a change! his body emanated a yellowish-green glow. he could force open locked doors just by pointing at them. he now had almost interstellar vision and could see for incredible distances. what was more, he now knew what had been happening and why and who were the perpetrators. the council of eleven decided to take action immediately. quickly they sent a representative with an official seal indicating he had authority to stop the experiments. of him and what happened as a result i will describe. he showed up unexpectedly at the site where the experiments were at the maximum danger level owing to inexpert energy "masters". and reckless tampering with the portals between worlds and lack of any supervision-until now. [continued[