Wrong food for Friends

In a dream from this morning, I am at a fast-food establishment where I order for myself and friends. My first name is written on one of the bags, but I don’t recognize the names on the other bags. I take the bags anyway, immediately regretting this stupid decision.

When I arrive at the gathering of friends, who might be the Friends from the TV show, I start to apologize for my mistake, but someone says, “Stop,” then they all say “Surprise!” They have a gift for me: a long-sleeved dark blue and gray check-patterned shirt, which seems very similar to one I already have. I thank them then look at the shirt size and say aloud, “Stout. That seems right.”

They then start eating the food I brought. None complain that they have the wrong food.

In the morning, I check my similar short-sleeved shirt in the closet. It was the shirt I had mistakenly ordered, thinking it was a long-sleeved shirt. In fact, I remembered seeing the words “sleeve length: short” on the website but somehow ignoring that.

The dream may suggest that making mistakes is normal and, in some cases, even predetermined.