Lucid UFO Experience

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Lucid UFO Experience

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Hey there,

I've had a strange dream that I cannot quite make sense of. First off, I must say that I generally dream vividly, so that isn't too far out of the ordinary. Just can't quite make sense of its content.

The dream:

I was at someone's house (or rather a mix-up between two different houses) in a rural setting; we (the owner of the house and some acquaintance) were in a downstairs area which was sort of a living-room. I must say that this someone's associated with UFOs. At any rate, we had some non-specific superficial talk I cannot remember. At some point, for reasons unbeknownst to me, I went outside, up the stairs and looked at the night sky. Up there was a bright object, hovering in mid air. Suddenly, there was a loud, roaring sound of deafening quality. A dreadful feeling was emanating from it, a blend of awe and dread intermixed with impending doom. The air around me became...not solid, but like cotton. It was as if that thing in the sky was exerting some sort of force, pulling at me. I had to claw my way through the air; I could feel that I was moving forward clutching at something, trying to make my way back to the house. It almost blew me away from the entrance; the owner of the house who hadn't gone outside reached for me, pulling me back in. We simply looked at each other, and went downstairs. There, the dream shifted into something unrelated.

Any sort of indicator as to its meaning would be greatly appreciated. The dream dictionary's entry didn't quite ring true. Perhaps I should add that of late, I had a strange theme involving demons in my dreams. One of them I'm sure was a visitor who didn't belong there (had some run-ins with spirits, our house was pretty badly haunted, long story, let's just say they like invading my dreams), the others were more of a theme that followed the UFO feeling of dread and doom. Maybe it's also of interest that I know both aliens and whatever's in the afterlife exist, though I don't see them in any way shape or form responsible. This is purely for interpretative value.

Thanks in advance for your insights :-)
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