Not Qualifying ..

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Not Qualifying ..

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Dream From Jan 26 '20:
a male or female athlete is competing in a comp, be it to be selected for a local tournament, a national tournament, or perhaps the olympics.
apparently its the final qualifier for the selection into the team.
the athlete is not known to me, though he or she is somewhat renown in the world.
whether he or she is a track athlete, such as running, or is a field athlete, such as discus, javelin, or other, i'm not sure.
so, the qualifying occurs.
the athlete competes, but, for an unknown reason, doesn't qualify for the team.
he or she misses out.
thats probably "disastrous" despite qualifying in previous races at other venues, prior to this one.
this one, being the final qualifying event is a must.
every athlete who has previous qualified must qualify at this one, otherwise, thats it.
well, thats it, until the next olympics perhaps.
whether the athlete is sick, or just, perhaps so tired from competing, i don't know for sure.
regarding running a race, the athlete finishes last, and doesn't qualify.
the athlete finishes obviously last.
there is a big time gap between 2nd last, and dead last.
regarding field races, well, i don't know what happens.
the athlete in question, does everything possible to qualify, but finished significantly last.
so, despite training everyday, and doing everything possible to maintain fitness, its as though his or her body has just had enough.
he or she could be young-ish, such as 20s.
so to not qualify, is quite startling, for the team.
however, i think his or her body, is just so tired from training, it just wants a break.
maybe this one qualifying event, despite wanting to do it, was just too much for the body.

any questions or comments

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