Do You Hear That ..

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Do You Hear That ..

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Dream From July 22 '19:
inside a shopping centre, possibly charlestown (possibly after being in that small shop).
i am slowly walking along, and holding onto a handrail.
its to my left.
mark T, walks towards me, not so much to me, but he does get close to me.
he is to my right.
i hear him talking to himself; perhaps talking to God?
as he gets close to me, he sees me, stops, and we have a chat.
he asks me "do you hear that?"
er, no i don't.
then he (supposedly) says what it is, and i don't hear it.
i know what he means, but i still don't hear it.
something in the spiritual realm, that i may be able to hear in the natural realm.

any questions or comments ?

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