“I want to put a pillow over her face and end her.”


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It started with me coming home. When I got home there was a car in the driveway I didn’t recognize. I saw a flash of light and in the car was a large man trying to hide inside the car while holding my two year old daughter. I yelled at him and told him to get out and he did. Somehow I ended up with my baby but I asked him why he was here and he said “I’m here to put a pillow over her face and end her” which was obviously horrifying. After a moment I recognized him as “Robert,” someone who had stayed in our house once for some reason I don’t remember.

He kept trying to murder us and lobbed two different homemade bombs at us which we evaded. We went inside and everything had been ransacked. My husband was there. I ran up to him and told him what happened. Robert ran in behind and randomly confessed to a different unsolved murder. My husband shot Robert and he died.

We told the police what happened and tried to move on with our lives. We went to Sunday dinner at my in laws and while we were there Robert’s parents showed up. They wanted revenge on us for killing their son. They each pulled out guns and opened fire on everyone. Somehow we fought them off without killing them and they left. It always felt like such a physical struggle. Like they were a straight jacket I couldn’t worm my way out of.

What felt like a few weeks later we were back at my in laws house for a big party. We had a feeling they might show up so we were slightly more prepared. This was on Halloween I guess cause there were trick or treaters in the streets. I was inside the house when the murderous family arrived. The parents once again opened fire but I don’t think anyone got hurt. It didn’t matter because it was a distraction from what I witnessed which was their daughter (wearing the face of a girl I knew in high school who would never leave me alone) poisoning all the drinks.

I yelled, letting everyone know to not drink their drink. The girl tried to run away but I think I punched her or something.

I ran outside to get to the backyard where the shooting was happening and I ran into a trick or treater who shot a fake spiderman web at me. I took the spiderman web for myself thinking “this is so dumb go away.” I walked into the house and saw Robert’s father and my in laws in a stand off. One of them was monologuing or something. I shot the spiderweb at Robert’s father and it wrapped around his neck. I proceeded to strangle him til he was dead. I’m pretty sure the police took the mother and the daughter was supposed to leave but refused to. She came up to me and started hitting me. I’m a decently trained boxer so I caught each punch and redelivered ten fold til she was looking whoozy. She kept begging to stay and help take care of the house and I kept saying no and get out. Oddly enough I was feeling guilty for my actions but I did them anyway finally forcing her out of the house with a concussion. Then I woke up.

The only interpretation I can fathom is that this murderous family is a representation of the constant evil or chaos we fight. What do you think?