2 Matthews


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2 nights in a row I have dreamt of very kind men named Matthew. I don't know any Matthews for the record. Night 1: I dreamt my brother that has passed away was alive and had a twin. I knew in my dream that this time I had with him was temporary because I knew he was going to die. Alcoholism. But I did not know he had a twin. His twins name was Matthew, and he was so kind and gentle. Unlike the brother I knew, Russell was always chaotic and restless. But his twin Matthew ( which is Russel's middle name,) was like the version of Russ that never got to exist, as he battled addiction his whole life. In the dream I met Matthew and said, it's me Vicki. He says, I know that! We walked and talked and I had a realization and I said to him, "any place worth going to is worth fighting to get there." He agreed and said, " why do you think we drink so much?" Implying that it was a fight to end life. Night 2: I worked in an office with Matthew Mconohay and he was just so friggin nice and warm and kind every day. No profound quotes, just a feeling of warmth and kindness. When I woke this morning I realized that for ,2 nights in a row I've dreamt of really nice, kind, gentle, warm souls named Matthew. It was just nice as life has been harder than usual lately. I've been praying to feel a connection to God. One thing I do know, the name Matthew means gift from God. And the warmth and joy from these fellas in my dreams spilled over into my waking life and made me a better person.