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I don’t have intense “realistic” dreams very often, but last night was interesting.
I was in the mountains searching for something. Almost in the way of an archaeologist or Indiana Jones.
I find an opening to a cave and can see dust and dirt blowing out of it giving the impression that there is wind blowing out of the opening.
As I come to the entrance, there is suddenly no wind. I use a flash light and can see it leads in to a giant open room resembling an ancient temple but also reminds me of a feeling I get when I would walk in to a sanctuary at church as a kid. There is almost a holy sense to this.
Suddenly the wind happens again, blowing in my face. In the wind there is a soft voice that whispers “9-1-9”.
That’s where I woke up.
It felt intense, incredibly real, and very confusing… so I am talking to the internet to see if there is a meaning because I can’t get it out of my head.

Thank you