A Call for Dreams


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Since 2007 I've been collecting audio recordings of people recalling their most memorable and unheard dreams.
I collect these audio letters from people all over the world. These recordings are then archived (the full narrative, from start to finish, is for my ears only) and fragments of these strange stories are used to make 'Dream Stream' compositions.
These compositions or 'streams' are different at each presentation. Not only are they infused with new dream donations over time, but they are always remixed so it is impossible to hear the same stream. Moreover: each listener walks away from the streams with interpretations that are shaped/mutated by their own perceptions.
This makes the dream stream an elusive and dynamic work of art.

New showcases are coming up in early 2023 !
You can listen to a short clip here: https://dreamcamera.be/dreamstream/

Feel like having a part in its ongoing creation?
Please donate an audio letter to my dream archive!


Make an audio recording (preferably WAV or MP3) in which you state:
- Your (nick)name, age, location, date and time of recording.

- Why you choose to participate.

- Your most memorable dream in your native language/dialect.

- A version of the same recording in English or Dutch (unless that's your first language).

Please note: this data is just for me, your dream will be used anonymously.


- Avoid unwanted sounds interfering with your recording: keep the microphone/device stationary, take a seat, don't move around the microphone and beware of fidgeting as your clothes or chair might make squeaky noises you won't pay attention to, but the microphone will.

- Make the recording in a quiet place. That means no music or TV in the background (or recording next to a noisy fridge or an open window).

- Don't worry about making mistakes. Recalling a dream isn't easy and it's often confusing. If you want to correct yourself, just repeat the previous sentence(s) as many times you feel you need to. No need to start over and over, I'll do the editing so you don't have to :)

If the size of the recording is below 25mb you can mail it to 'dreamstreamdream at gmail.com' .

In case your file is larger, you can use dropbox, or mediafire and direct it to the same email.

Thanks for considering contributing your unique story and voice!
Hope to hear (from) you soon!