A city parade

Nick Last

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Hi I'm from Italy so sorry if my english isn't the best, I hope it'll be understandable anyway.
This is a nightmare I had a couple of months ago but that I still remember clearly.

I was in my city, in an apartment, helping an adult woman who just moved there to tidy up the place. She was alone since her husband was working.
I remember the place being quite dark, but it wasn't creepy to me.
At one point we got out of the apartment building and we separated from each other.
I noticed there was a kind of orange mist, so I looked around and saw a wagon (similiar to a carnival one) full of people with bandanas on their heads and white paint stripes on their cheeks.
I asked some people around me what was going on and they just said "this is the day where they had to arrive".
I started to feel unsettled so, before they arrived in that place, I rapidly went to the condominium where I live.
Once there, I immediately noticed it was full of teenagers of my age (there's barely none here in real life) and they were in the main hall to be in a safe place from the orange mist people.
I went to the main entrance of my apartment building and there were some teenagers there as well. I recognized a girl of my school but none others.
I suggested to close all the doors around us so that no one else could enter, and we proceeded to block both ground floor and basement doors.
Then everyone started saying that the orange mist people would've been there in a few minutes, so I took the elevator and went to my apartment on the 6th floor.
I entered the house but there was no one, so I decided to call my mom to tell her that I was safe and eventually to reach her.
She told me she was in the apartment on the 5th floor, I said I would've been there in a minute and ended the call.
I went to my bedroom to take something and then headed to the entrance door.
But it was too late. I heard the elevator moving, so I wouldn't open the door until I was sure it didn't stop on my floor: but it did.
I was staring at the blurry glass of the door (in reality is not like that, it was just a dream thing) when the elevator door opened.
A very tall, skinny, white women with black hair came out of it. She had black pupils and a wide smile with sharp theets.
She looked like a combination of "The Beldam" from Coraline and the old lady monster in It Chapter 2 (I didn't watch none of that movie for MONTHS when I had this nightmare).
I hid behind the door (yes I know it was made of glass, idk why I did that) while she was looking inside.
She then said with a terrifying voice "I know that you're there" and then I woke up.

Luckily it was already morning, because as soon as I woke up I started breathing heavily and stood up to ease the nerves.
That was all! feel free to share your opinions about it!

see you with the next dream.