a curious chain of events lead to an unexpected conclusion part 1

this began as so many of my others do, with a quest.in a city environment.only this time we were in what we regarded as an enemy city. this time after a narrow escape we were hiding out in a building. this building was a used to develop some of their most secret technology. it was part under control by friendly forces,who had a clandestine operation in it.this it was used as a repository for secret technological advances. much invention and technological development went on here. in fact, we had cloaking devices to thwart their sensors so we went undetected by them. at the intersection there was a dispute between us as to the direction we should go(sound familiar?just like in the other dream)only the result was different.this time there were a lot more of us,so we split up into two groups. one group searched for hidden sources of information-we knew they were secretly beaming rays to cause mental confusion- to find the sources of this power. at the very least we hoped to identify the source of this and possibly develop a counter to it. we were on a mission to get information,not on a commando raid. so my group walked past a building which turned out to be a hotel,which i would afterward have good cause to remember-this dream is older than the one posted before,but,yes it was the same hotel-due to our cloaking devices no one we passed could see us but everyone seemed to have a dazed look as though they were walking in a fog.the two groups did not go far apart. we could communicate by special frequency devices which could not be intercepted.​

Hi J,
What an epic dream!
If you were going to give it a title that sums up the most important aspects of the dream, what would that be?
The quest represents your life purpose - what you came here to become. This is most likely the reason that this symbol appears in many of your dreams - it is your Higher Self reminding you.

A city is often a symbol for the mind, I.e your thoughts. This is especially true for capital cities because the Latin 'capita' means head. However, you are in an enemy city which suggests that there is some negativity (a dispute?) regarding your state of mind, or thoughts. The location will often give us the overall subject matter and we see that this is confirmed with references to information and technology - all rational symbols to do with the mind. The dream may also be saying that your rational mind does not necessarily have your best interests at heart (enemy city).

We also see a lot of hiding going on (cloaking, clandestine, hidden sources). We are everything in a dream, so do you feel that you need to hide in some respect? Do you show your true self to the world?

The hotel brings you back to your birth (hotels have a reception, i.e. your reception at birth) so we would expect to see some spiritual abilities referenced in the dream which you brought with you to this incarnation. We do... You are a spiritual teacher/leader (someone who empowers others to help them grow in awareness) indicated by the groups with a common purpose, and I suspect that you are telepathic (communication using special frequencies), but we would need further symbols to confirm that. However, the dream is showing that you are keeping these abilities hidden, perhaps by being super-rational (always thinking).

Do any of these ideas resonate at all?
somewhat.this situation you describe i.e. conflict between the rational and the intuitive mind was true once.though i have more or less resolved it. the second part of the dream has just been posted.it contains further important information. once i was what you as you say ,a very logical.intellectual person, though always aware of the intuitive and fascinated by it.certain inner conflicts arose and at that time i would fall back on logic because that was the predominant part of my personality at that time. then something happened to open my awareness. the second part is the key to understanding it further. i am interested to learn your observations on it
they vary .the most recent one is the very first one i posted in July. i do not know if you have looked at it or not.the oldest would be A"'SAFE" MISSION CONCLUDES ON A DANGEROUS NOTE which is also-for me,at least- the most disturbing one of all. i do have an excellent memory for the dreams i view as important.AN UNCERTAIN QUEST ENDS ON A VERY ENLIGHTENING NOTE is somewhat newer,and also one of the most enigmatic. if you would care to,take a look at them. you may find them interesting. i would certainly be interested in your opinion. some of these dreams are, as you think insightful as to my mind and feelings but also reflect my perception of the environment and society around me. some of them are so oriented toward feelings and perceptions so mysterious and sometimes paradoxical i would not even attempt to describe them. what i have posted here are the ones i know are capable of being deciphered through analysis and understanding of symbolism. well, looking forward to our next communication ,J'oak357silversword