a dangerous mission ends on an unusual note 1

this very unusual dream started in a heavily forested area. it was in the middle of winter, with snow very thick on the ground. i was with a group numbering maybe 27 or 28. our objective is to liberate a town roughly 6 or 7 miles ahead. this town is under the control of an illict but highly developed organization who keep its residents in line with mind control frequency beams,scientifically engineered food designed to drug them and make them listless and submissive. the urgent reason for our presence was the fact of their holding a scientist prisoner. he had the missing to the puzzle they needed, which if completed would put them in a position to blackmail the governments of the world. they would have had a huge technological advantage over anything any government could bring against them. despite their best efforts-which included drugged food, enforced sleep deprivation and bombardment by tremendous mind control brainwave frequency beams- he with almost superhuman fortitude withstood their worst and resolutely withheld the secret notation from them. this mission as everyone one of us knew was one from which a lot of us,possibly most of us might not return. but there could be no wavering,too much was at stake one of the men proposed that we split into 2 groups, the first group to attack the tower( overlooking the town, it was a strategic point with ultra-sophisticated technology to observe what was going on) but this was overruled as the enemy had a numeric edge to start with. and this would further divide and weaken our force. so the signal was given to proceed. we approached our objective with maximum caution. utter silence was observed. the only communication permitted was by a special device which operated on a different frequency from theirs and could be used for written communications or pictures and images. as we came nearer to the town i can still feel the sense of anxiety as it seemed silent. too silent. our sensor beams reported no activity in the immediate vicinity of where we were. we entered the place employing techniques similar to ninja stealth tactics. suddenly as we crossed the town square an a siren went off. instantly asearchlight beams lit up the entire place. i saw a man in uniform looking down at us from one of the windows. someone yelled "there they are" and instantly all of us hit the dirt-or rather,hit the snow. and just in time., to avoid a whitish-blue beam which would have hit one of our men right in the head. it sliced an iron lamppost in two. now we had come equipped for situations like this. as this is a rather complex dream ans is one of the longest i had i think for the sake of brevity i will tell it in two parts