a dangerous mission ends on an unusual note 2

we were equipped with shields that operated in a very distinctive way. they were circular and once activated they
sent out an energy field in concentric circles expanding in all directions. at their full capacity they were powerful enough to turn back bullets, laser rays and any beam or ray they could send against us. in fact i am not certain that a nuclear missile could have gotten through . when the opposing side saw this they changed their tactics. soon we saw a blue-green flare from about 20 yards away. the man next to me turned and whispered. "that is their signal for some new weapon. stay on the alert" soon we heard the sound of a truck approaching. soon a flatbed tow truck pulled up in front of the street about 75 feet away. its payload was a large cylinder about 8 feet long. as we watched intently , 2 men in a uniform slightly different from that worn by the enemy. then they drew out white powdered bags and drew unusual looking weapons and fired at the bags.it was a sort of beam almost the color of port wine,but slightly more blue. instantly the bags exploded in a cloud of white-silver mist. then the cloud began to expand outward until it covered the whole length of the corner in front of us-the length and width of an entire city cross-section- then began to crystallize, then became solid,-and then solidified into a glacier. but- a very fast moving glacier. we had all of 28 seconds to go into action. we were ready. our high-tech equipment told us that this scientifically engineered glacier contained nitrogen gas,liquid oxygen, and several chemical compounds i had never heard of. but what we did know that this incredibe weapon was something to capture and imprison any hostile force that might threaten them. so we used two kinds of tactics. one we used frequency and light beams automatically attuned to the the glaciers frequency. the other was activating a natural heat force field around the body in the same way some yogis and monks in the Himalayas do. our beams and frequency rays hit the glacier which was ripped apart and shattered in the part of it directly hit. the Natural body heat field could melt the ice and gases,while our beam weapons could take of the chemicals. not everyone was so lucky,however. a few curious onlookers had assembled and a few unfortunate mice were in the path of the glacier off to the side(it covered the whole length and width of the town square0 and did not manage to get away in time.. they were caught and frozen solid. there was no time to help them. one of the crew told us they had intercepted some communications and they had notified the tower. in an instant we returned to our shields and lost no time activating to near maximum level. almost at once intense frequency began hitting our force fields. we were keeping them at bay. and then a completely unexpected thing happened. i heard a mans voice,barely audible at first but increasing in volume to be heard. when we looked we saw he was dressed entirely in green and was on the roof of the train station(yes, this place had a train station) he was calling for an end to the fighting,for a truce between both sides. almost immediately the whole atmosphere of the town changed. the tower ceased its frequency barrage and we de-activated our shields. i felt a new sense of warmth and love in contrast to the previous sense of conflict and mortal combat. the enemy came down from the tower and actually declared a truce. the man in green was there mediating between us. when i asked the man in green (who wore a feather cap,green as well) if he did not think that what the other group had been doing had not been dangerous in the extreme he replied that he knew thar but this was exactly what they would to give up. and now that is all of my one of the most memorable dreams i ever had. anyone's else view would certainly be welcome