A daughter I don’t have and I’m a mess


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Hello everyone , new around here . So for context I’m a male in a relationship with my fiancé for about 10 years now . I’m aware that it is often said that when woman become pregnant they can have dreams about babies in early pregnancy, however this morning I had one and it might have been one of the most prolific dreams I’ve ever had. A little more backstory is that we have been trying for a baby for about 8 months now with no luck and it has taken a toll on the both of us .

So the dream . My fiancé ( let’s call her Amy) and I were laying in bed , not our normal one different bed , different room . We were woken up by “our daughter “ that we do not have .Looking about two or three , She was so happy and excited . I started to play with her , tickling her and just goofing around in general . And that was about the gist of it .

I can remember her face in every detail , and this is not a face I don’t think I’ve seen before . He details were almost perfectly Amy and myself mashed up as a child . I woke up with tears. I’m currently sitting in my car writing this all down and I’m an absolute wreck emotionally . I’m not one to cry or at the very least not admit to it , but I’ve never felt this way . Beyond any emotion I thought was possible .

That’s my story , formatting and grammar is rough due to mobile typing and emotional state . Any insight into this dream would be much appreciated. I’m typically pretty good with interpreting them but I’m absolutely lost on this . Thanks everyone for reading .


Hi this is a positive dream for new beginnings, it’s lovely that your inner child came out playing with her, being a girl it also prompts us to explore our own deviant side of our self, and also points to your insecurities and vulnerability, you need to find peace in your life, The baby girl is a symbol of emotional expression and also vulnerability. Remember in life it is what is projected on the outside, you need to let go of your vulnerability and there will be a turning point in the future, it is now time to tap into both your masculine side, It is a positive dream, and I wish you the best of luck on your pregnancy journey, i am sure it will happen when the time is right, take the time now to connect with your inner self, i will light a candle for you today sending blessings your way 🕯️ 🙏
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