A day in school


I had similar dreams before. The basic setting is my old High-school, but it has more stories, more staircases, and is overall like a maze. I would often find myself in the wrong classroom, be late for class or entirely miss it because I got lost in the building, or because I didn't know what my next class was to begin with. I missed a lot of PE classes because they were late in the afternoon and the gym was in an entirely different building in town, so I would simply forget about them.

Today, I'm in class (don't know which subject) and the classroom got a bit messy (don't know why). At the end of the class I and some other guy clean up the mess. Our teacher suggests that we take turns cleaning the classroom, but no one pays him attention. We are almost done as the first couple student from the next class file in. Suddenly my PE teacher shows up and tells me: "If you don't care about a career in sports there's no need to show up for the next class." I'm puzzled. She repeats herself and I feel ashamed for missing so many of her classes.
I proceed to my next class but don't know what the next class is or where to go. I find a couple of my classmates standing in line in front of a classroom. Some mentions something about a person the teacher has invited for today's class, but I have never heard about it so I ask them what the subject is, and if it is mandatory for everyone or one of the choice subjects, but they don't know and suggest asking the teacher. The teacher is in the classroom busy talking with another teacher and some student(s). I look around the classroom and decide that I have never been in there so I must in the wrong place. I wonder if I should go to the teacher's office and ask for my curriculum and where the classroom is, but I don't find it. I go around the school but find nothing that looks familiar, so I head back. But I can't find that classroom I had just left any more. Instead the building looks like a shopping mall with all shops still closed and no customers or staff around, yet. I don't know where to go, so I go outside through a parking garage to find the main entrance again. I walk around, across another parking lot and through some kind of park, all the while pondering that it's soon graduation day and that it would be bad luck if I failed some of my classes due to my non-attendance rate, especially since I have already found a job. I don't think my PE teacher could actually fail me, but bad grade would be equally unfortunate. I think I find the entrance, but I wake up before I re-enter the school building.

Note 1: I'm long out of school and none of the fellow students relate to my real life.
Note 2: I already have an idea as to what the dream indicates, but I'm open for suggestions.
Your dream reflects your fear of unfamiliar situations, especially those that come unannounced or unexpectedly, symbolized by the ever-changing school and classes. The PE teacher represents obligations you feel are unnecessary but still bring guilt. Cleaning the classroom suggests you're taking responsibility to navigate chaos. Your transition from school to a desolate mall hints at the fear of transition from the structured life of school to an uncertain, professional world. However, finding a job in the dream signifies you're equipped to navigate this change. The dream assures that despite occasional confusion, you'll find your way in the maze of life.