A deceased loved one


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Since my grandfather passed away last year in August I have not dreamt of him until last night. I dont know If it has something to do with the anniversary of his passing coming up in a week.
The dream started with me walking in the woods where I find a small cabin by a beautiful creek, I walk through the cabin and out the back to find a cave like structure. I enter the structure where I see an older gentleman struggling to walk, from a distance i could not recognize him. Once I cam closer I could see it was my grandfather. He was having a hard time walking and looked to be very tired. He tried to limp passed me not making eye contact he was focused on the ground. I called out to him and went over. He seemed happy to see me but still in much discomfort physically. He said he had been waiting for me to help him move on. I took his hand and told him I am always here for him and walked him into the afterlife. I was overwhlemed with sadness in my dream that I cried while sleeping. I felt so sad because he waited so long for me to help him move on, it seemed as though he suffered. I dont know what to make of my dream it has me pretty rattled this morning. If anyone has any ideas or even a similar dream please share. I was very close to my grandpa and his death has been hard for me.