A dream within a dream within a dream


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Hi all, so this is my first post ever. Actually a few hours ago i had this insanely weird, impactful dream - actually so impactful i needed to reach out to some kinda of community who talked about this so i just made an account just to share this dream, thats how much i need to hear some advice or for people just to listen.

I hope someone will listen cause i really need it.

so i just slept for like 1.5 hours and suddenly woke up in the middle of the night (right now)
In this particular dream i was like dreaming an ending to a movie(like the dream was a movie and i was aware i was dreaming it/watching it - i know lucid dreams but this did not feel like that)
The dream/movie/story telling was about me finding out the truth to some hidden powers i allegedly have. Like a fourth movie revealing the mystery about these powers. I apparently was to be reasonable for some kinda of house. This house had a haunted reputation but that did not scare me, so i lived there. After some time had passed i found out that a very old and very powerful ghost lived there. It was black and kinda yellow/orange with a black cloak and gold earrings. First i thought it would do me harm but then realized it was in love with me and wanted to marry me in return for some inherited powers it could pass on to me. -- So now the powers are in focus and this is the weirdest ****.

Now the dream/movie kinda flash backs to what feels like previous dreams that i in my waken state KNOW i have dreamed. For many years in fact. Dreams where i am able to fly but in a very specific way. I need to like hold some piece of cloth (jacket or t-shirt) away from me with my arms kinda behind my bag simulating wings. Its very hard to do in the dreams i know i have had many times and it seems like im getting better at it continuously as i almost practice. One time i dreamed that i flew besides a helicopter showing the way to something. Another time i was flying home in a close crowded city and people kinda looked at me while i was almost gliding down the street feeling so awesome and concentrated. Another time i was crossing countries where i was relying on these god-found powers to carry me home. Keep in mind is has rule . I need to have somekinda cloth on me else i cant do this trick(if you ever played minecraft flying with an elytra - thats kinda what it feels like). SO in my newest dream here i kinda dream about all those previous dreams like a flashback or sort of a movie reminder. Then it turns back to ghost and me situation where i realize that i married this ghost and the reason why i can do this is because everytime i engage in the fly ability i "re-marry" the ghost and everytime i land or dont do it i divorce it.

As i learn this i wake up with this "aha" feeling like i learned something. And still as im writing this i know i dreamed this 10th of times but now i finally know why im able to fly.
And everytime i have this and ONLY this particulair dream i can´t at first tell that it was and im still able to do the trick. But after 10 sec or so i realize whats what.

I know that we try to find meaning in dreams but this feels so outlandish to me. I cant find any symbolism or like needs or morals i can take from this. It almost feels like the dream and dreams are forced apon me from an external source.

Let me know what you think or just ye i dont know.



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1. Haunted House and Powerful Ghost:
Haunted House: Represents unresolved issues or repressed memories. Living in it indicates your willingness to confront and resolve these issues.
Powerful Ghost: Symbolizes an overpowering emotion or memory. The ghost being in love with you indicates a strong connection with this emotion or memory.

2. Flying Ability:
Flying: Represents a desire for freedom, escape, or elevation above earthly matters. It's a common dream theme and indicates personal growth.
Specific Way of Flying: The conditionality of flying (needing a cloth) signifies limitations or specific conditions required to achieve your desires or freedom.

3. Marriage to the Ghost:
Marriage: Indicates a union or partnership. In this case, it's a partnership with the powerful emotion or memory symbolized by the ghost.
Inherited Powers: Indicates that confronting or uniting with this emotion or memory unlocks new abilities or insights.

4. Flashbacks:
Previous Dreams: Indicates a connection between past experiences and current situations. Your subconscious is drawing parallels and seeking resolution.

Your dream seems to be a journey of self-discovery and confrontation with deep-seated emotions or memories. The haunted house and powerful ghost indicate something overpowering and unresolved. Your ability to fly, conditional upon having a cloth, suggests that your freedom or escape is conditional upon addressing specific issues or emotions.

The marriage to the ghost and the inherited powers indicate that confronting these issues directly can lead to personal growth and the unlocking of new abilities or insights. The flashbacks to previous dreams suggest an ongoing journey, where past and present are interconnected.