A hospital workplace


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A place that seemed like a hospital, very busy surgeons and doctors were aggressively preforming surgeries. The lighting in this places was dark.

I was offered to work there but when I went there to work I became afraid and had second thoughts.

A woman that had offered me to work there became upset because she said that she believed in me and thought I wanted to work there almost as if she was crying. I did not know this woman.


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Not much to go on. It's dark, hence it probably is either the subconsciousness or something dark as in not good. You didn't want to work there, which makes me tend that it's the latter option, though it needn't rule out the subconscious entirely (duh, it's a dream). It may be a place in your psyche which is dark where you once were in, but now aren't anymore, or your flirted with this depressing side of you, "cutting things out". You went there, and realised this is no good, though such places have a tendency to try and take a hold on you; there's a reason we speak of our "inner demons" - perhaps that woman was sort of a metaphorical manifestation thereof - you don't know her, at least not right now, but they damn well know you.