a journey through an endless maze part 2

[continued] after i had followed the directions i came to what i knew was the room intended. i went through some odd rooms, including one shaped like an reversed C. when i reached the room i found that there were 3 glass doors as described but also a fourth door . but this door was made of an alloy containing iron and titanium and morever had no knob with which to open it. there were 4 doors but only 3 were accessible. the other 2 wooden doors were there,off to the side. and the winding staircase in the middle . the three glass doors were blue,green and amber. i was debating with myself which door to take when i heard a noise coming from behind one of the wooden doors . shouts, screams and a noise which sounded like a very heavy object hitting the floor. then the door on the right side opened-the beech wood door-and a woman dashed in after slamming the door. she was of medium height,about as tall as myself.she wore a robe almost the color of dark chocolate and wore her hair long down beneath her shoulders. like the woman of the multi colored wheel of light she had curly hair but it was not black but dark brown. on seeing me she breathed a sigh of relief and said "thank god". she was visibly upset and seemed to be out of breath as though she had been running for a long distance. she said "quick,go through one of those doors.make sure they do not catch us" from what i had been able to hear it sounded as though the danger was very real. on the spur of the moment i decided on the amber door. ME: [pointing to the amber door] this one.quick.hurry. and with no more ado than that i rushed to the amber door and opened it. both of us dashed through at once (they were wide ebough for two people to enter at once) and carefully closed the door behind me. my decision had been made on the basis of knowledge. from what i knew of the qualites of amber,both from actual experience and being told once by a friend in real life and having received a message about it in a previous dream from a trusted source(note :AN UNCERTAIN MISSION ENDS ON AN ENLIGHTENING NOTE this dream has been posted on this site) i knew amber was the right door for this. [continued]