a journey through an endless maze part 3

[continued] the room we now found ourselves in was spacious and well lit. in fact for the first time there was some reminder of the existence of the outside world. the light came from a glass roof,a sky light. overhead a few clouds were visible. this room was lit,not by artificial means but by sunlight. after a few minutes we decided to keep on moving. the next room was more like what one is accustomed to see in a modern room in say,a suburban home. a small hallway leading into a living room with the kitchen off to the right and a lounge on the left hand side,we did not stop to linger but went ahead to the next room ,and this one was very different . the floor was wood-alder wood. one of the hardest woods, which gets harder when it comes in contact with water unlike many other woods.the roof was a heptagon shape . it was longer than most of the other rooms and it had one unique feature-there was a doorway leading into another room but a doorway without a door. this gave anyone in either room access to the other at all times. just as we were about to walk past this opening when a cry was heard from this opening. then noises and sounds as though a struggle was taking place. then a noise like something hitting the wall. i was about to look past the opening to get a better view of what was happening. my companion motioned me back.went back about 12 paces,that is roughly, almost halfway back to the door where we had entered. then i stopped and listened and so did she. soon we heard the sound of someone approaching at a very rapid pace. presently this person ran in. it was a woman but unlike the first she wore a robe of coarse fibre (hemp?) she took a fast look around and saw us standing by the door. she was out of breath from running. but as soon as she could speak she said "be careful" "they are after us" {this last was in a loud tone of voice.practically shouting}: "let's go through the door" i told her we just had. new arrival: then where am i ? ME: you are behind the amber door: what? oh , thank heaven for that [continued]