a journey through an endless maze part 5

[continued] so we brewed some tea-there was a sink and a water cooler in the room- the blend we decided on was chamomile and green tea,chamomile to calm the nerves.green tea because it is a great energizer. hoping to replenish also some of the nutrients she might have lost to extreme trauma. she was just one step away from total nervous breakdown and hysteria. both CDC and I thought the situation might be a very dangerous ,so also we could not afford to have a hysteric on our hands. there was no telling what a hysteric might do if we encountered danger. and we all three of us knew we might encounter danger at any time. i encouraged her to talk about what she had seen. i told she was behind the amber door beyond which nothing could penetrate. after she had calmed down somewhat she began to talk NA: gee, I'm sorry i went off like that but it was really scary what i saw ME: i am certain it was. did you notice anything distinctive about them? NA: huh? oh,yeah i see what you mean. well, on of these guys was wearing a robe or something and wore a funny hat like something out of star wars. the others was all pretty much dressed the same ME: how was that? then she gave a description which by which it was ascertained that the one she described was the leader of the group, and he wore a metallic seeming robe and a white round helmet with something resembling a glass tube over his face. the others were dressed in what seemed to be space suits or so i could gather from the what she described. what really had her frightened was the presence of floating orbs of various colors. almost like bubbles.but when she saw one of them step inside one of the spheres-that is probably the best term for them- she panicked. she did not know who they were or what their intentions were. she screamed and began running at top speed. here CDC interjected "these were not like who i ran into" i observed there might be more than one group. ME: who do you think they are extraterrestials? interdimensional beings? maybe from some underground civilization? CDC: i really have no idea , other than to say they are not from our civilzation ME: but what could their intentions be? you said they chased you for a time CDC: for a time. i did not look back MEL [now turning to NA] how about you? did they chase you at all? NA: i dont know. i just ran away as fast as i could ME: all right. definetely alien. and highly developed technology. lets go forward and see whawe can find. CDC agreed this was a good idea. so i selected the door in the middle-there were three of them- the solid cherry one(the other two were redwood on the left and cottonwood on the right ) and immediately found ourselves in ,for the first time something resembling a hallway. the resemblance was more apparent than real. it quickly became evident this was another room albeit one narrower and not as well lit as the other ones .then further on the room widened until it became almost as large as two living rooms. and now the light brightened. as i examined these new suroundings i was struck by several unusual things ,first i noticed a large oval writing desk with letters and correspondance openly displayed. on closer scrutiny it turned out to be calculations and equations of some sort. . others seemed like algebra or calculus. some others were written with symbols i did not recognize. some were plainly written in code of some sort ,using symbols of the zodiac, geometric shapes such as nonnegrams and rhombus arragned with flower symbols such as chyrsanthemums and lilacs and cryptic messages. i heard noises coming from the other side of the wall. i turned around and saw NA with an expression of terror on her face. ITS THEM" she screamed at the top of her lungs. both CDC and myself tried to calm her,telling her this was not likely and there was no way they could enter this room anyway. it had no entrances or exits other than directly in front and directly in back. but nothing could quell the fear of NA. she suddenly got up and dashed to the exit directly in front. this time fear had her firmly in its grip. then she slammed the door. we could hear noises ahead so we went to the solid mahogany door and listened. the sounds were perfectly audible. NA's voice rose to shouting and screaming pitch. the voices that answered were low key and not so easily understood. WHAT ARE YOU DOING.YOU ARE TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. the voice:nonsense. we are not here to hurt youNA: KEEP AWAY FROM ME YOU ARE GOING TO-aaahhh then her voice died away. i looked at CDC . after a few minutes she said "what will we do' "whatever has to be done" then suddenly i had an idea. ME: i am not just going to walk away and leave her to her fate. when i open that door i don't know who is going to be there but if they are the same ones you ran into before {here i pulled out a communication device} when i pull this out and it flashes yellow flash red back if the answer is yes and and green if the answer is no. CDC agreed to this. so i counted to 5 and opened the door. what i saw behind surprised even me. there about 28 feet from the door stood NA but she was completely motionless. with an expression of horror on her face and standing with her right arm extended with hand poised as though pushing something away. she was standing like a freeze frame in a movie. in front of the door was a man dressed in the way traditionally attributed to wizards. the conical hat and robe which was blue-purple and dotted with white-silver stars that glitered. a green-yellow light permated this room casting its glow everywhere. this room resembled a barn more than anything else. i recall seeing straw and hay on the ground. it was very large. the roof must have been at least 62 feet. he looked at me with a puzzled questioning expression on his face. standing a few feet away from him was someone in the kasaya robe of a buddhist monk.but the shawl in front was not yellow but a combination of bright red and mahogany brown, this one regarded both of us with perfect calm. i looked at my communicator. it flashed green. which meant these were not the ones she had met before. i looked at her . she shook her head no with empathsis . i looked at the scene in front of me. i said "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" it was the monk who answered "what is going on here? that is a goooood question" in a voice which seemed to be drawn out . as the voice faded away i woke up. and that is finally the story of of one of the longest and most mysterious dreams i ever had. anyone who thinks they make sense out of it please try. your help will be very much appreciated