A mysterious book and a baptism


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I found myself gazing at the vision of a dark blue book, longing to discern its title, it seems i was in in a bedroom. My younger sister, an avid reader, stood beside me, equally eager to help me uncover the book's identity or the author's name. It seems I was the only one able to see the vision of the book. Despite managing to read a few words from the book's cover, they were insufficient to reveal its title or the author's name.
yet I could still hear my sister repeatedly asking for the author's name, leaving me frustrated but determined to find the book.Upon awakening, I couldn't recall the words i was able to see from the book cover.

In another part of the dream, my brother proclaimed his baptism with the Holy Spirit, with his wife at his side. I felt compelled to challenge his beliefs, vehemently arguing against the concept of hell and religion, urging him to delve deeper into its origins, particularly tracing back to the Vatican and the Roman Empire. I had a brief argument with his wife and they she stayed silent the whole time. Although my brother initially appeared intrigued by my arguments, he eventually turned against me, leading to a sense of discord before the memory fades.

Any insights or interpretations are welcome.


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In this dream, the mysterious book symbolizes your search for knowledge and understanding, a journey that is deeply personal and often elusive.
  • The fact that only you can see the book suggests a unique path or insight you're destined to discover, one that others may not immediately grasp but is nonetheless important for your personal growth.
  • Your sister's presence and eagerness to help, despite not seeing the book, indicates that you have support in your quest, even if the exact nature of your search is not clear to them.
  • The baptism and subsequent debate with your brother reflect a transformation or awakening within you, perhaps questioning and challenging established beliefs and norms. As symbolized by the argument, this can lead to tension or disagreement with loved ones, but it also marks a significant phase of self-discovery and evolving perspectives.
The dream, with its themes of unseen knowledge, support from those close to you, and the challenge of transformation, suggests that you are on the brink of a significant personal breakthrough, one that may initially cause discord but ultimately leads to greater self-awareness and understanding.