A nightmare I had a few years ago, still remember it


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I had this dream about 7 years ago, when my son was 5.

Me, my son and my In-Laws where driving in a car to a Military Vehicle Exhibit. [This is something I/we were interested in at the time]
I don't remember my (then) wife and infant daughter being there as well. They may have, but isn't important for the story.
Somewhere along the way, we see an abandoned Military Vehicle on the side of the road. There was a makeshift parking lot nearby, so we decided to check it out. While we were checking it out, my son asked if he could go see a truck that was coming down the road next to where we were parked. Next thing I know, he was running towards the truck, but the truck didn't slow down. I yelled at him to get out of the way but the truck ran right over him and I watched in shock as the truck drove on with bloody, gory smears and guts on the back tires.

This dream was absolutely one of the worst I've ever had, as it was very vivid and involved someone I love dying in a gruesome way. It felt so real, I really had to recover from it; I actually was afraid to sleep for a couple of days afterwards.
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Whenever there is a change in your relationship with another person, you will have a dream of that person dying. Apparently your son at age 5 changed from depending on you for something and the dream is simply telling you to be aware of the change. There is a new book on the market called TRULY YOURS that will explain it very well.