A Peculiar Dream


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I get nightmares quite often but something I saw last night shook me up pretty bad, it was so bad that I still feel scared everytime I remember the dream. Trigger warning- SA

A little context- I don't remember how it started but I was coming back home late from work and I took a dark path which was deserted. After walking for a while I saw a car. I heard a muffle scream and idk why the me in the dream tried to investigate. I saw several men in mask and a girl on the back seat. Needless to say they were doing something bad with her. I heard the scream and ran towards my house to call for help. As soon as I locked my door, I heard a noise. I looked out of the peephole and saw one of the guys looking back at me from the peephole. All of the men and the girl were there in the corridor, they were looking back at from the other side of the door. They were waiting to snatched me up from my house too.The door was locked but the room light was on. They staked out for a while trying to figure out whether they will see me from the window or not. I crouched down and crawled towards my room so they can't spot me. I was very scared in my dream. Then I remembered that it was time for my mother and sister to come back. This really scared me but before I could see what happened next, I woke up. I woke up very scared and idk why but everytime I remember the guy looking straight at me from the peephole scares me. Usually I forget my dreams after a while(there are few I remember) but this one really scared me bad.

I know it's probably my mind but there is not any deeper meaning behind this right?