a perplexing dream

this began with walking along a road near a very busy highway. i walked to the overpass and looked down on a traffic jam. cars and trucks were bumper to bumper. then i had the feeling i had to get somewhere. i found myself moving through the air. i could see the tops of trucks directly below me.the movement could be described as half swimming, half floating. i followed the highway for about four and a half miles until i came to an oblong building i knew was my destination. the next thing i knew i was inside.the place was an interesting mix of an office building and a shopping emporium,it had several floors. over to one side i saw offices,over to another stores and a marketplace i scanned the place very carefully, deciding where i wanted to go,finally deciding on a store just across from where i was. i finally settled on a store directly across. it seemed like a combination arts and crafts and bookstore.equally interesting as the store were its occupants. the first one in conservative business suit and tie. the second one dressed like a monk with bright orange and saffron robe and tonsured head. the third one was an anthropoid feline with light golden fur mixed with splotches of white, wearing a gray-purple robe. claimed the ability to communicate with any living being by reading its energy and a highly advanced form of telepathy. i surveyed the room. it had many unusual objects. the monk went over to a white porcelain jar about 4 feet high,walked around it 5 times clockwise and said"3 coins 2 brass 1 copper" i reached into my pocket , produced the 3 coins and threw them in the jar. then he went over to a black lacquer jar about the same size as the other,walked around it 5 times counterclockwise and said"3 coins 2 silver 1 gold" i reached into my other pocket and threw aforementioned coins into the black jar. the the anthromorphic cat said" oh good. you will see plenty of benefits to come from this". i cannot recall all of the conversation but it was very encouraging. when i left it was by more conventional means-i remember going out in the shopping center and walking through the door- but a vehicle was waiting for me. something like a heliocopter but moving noiselessy. i got in. the driver never spoke. i could not see very much of his face. he had a lens and goggles on. this vehicle went up about 8 feet in the air. then he turned and went down a wide boulevard., then increased speed when we came to a place where the boulevard turned downward. we soon reached a very busy intersection. he stopped. on either side there were a group of people watching us. those on the right hand side left the greatest impression. one was dressed like a military officer of the 1800s,with a black cocked hat.another one seemed to have been geographer with a sextant and a map. i was thinking "what next" when i became concious of a soft golden light from above. soothing and calming.


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Well mr Silversword , the dream is much about choosing among options on display out of an inclination of preferred feelings.

As long as you win in the lottery , you will keep a position of comfort .

If we look into Buddhas fundamental urge, it is based on 3 facts , My death, my ageing, my illness. Since they cannot be avoided , they must be taken in account. That means in this settings that you can only avoid these pains for an uncontrolled period of time.

So lasting happyness is not on the same level of experienced lifesituations that the dream have on it’s bargain.

The central problem of our world’s arrangement is it’s foundation in competition, and to take part in it, we choose one side of the whole of it, and this creates unnescessary pain, as we in turn must encounter. For those who have an ability to experience unlimited pain, this works fine.

Kind Regards Arnfinnius