A recurring library


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Ive had this same dream, if i can call it that i guess, over the last few years. It interrupts dreams i already have to begin, and always in the same way.

It started with a dream i cant remember that ended and started again at the entrance to a massive library. The first time, i was surprised. This library was massive, floors and floors high, but i never went past the first. People from all over the world are here, but they're reading or speaking to each other. I walked around and was met by a blonde woman, maybe around her 20's who walked up to me and greeted me. She was maybe my height, about 5'6, kind of pale and thin but not too thin and her hair was back half down and half in a ponytail. She had a bruise on the left side of her face, i asked but it was years ago that i couldnt remember her answer, she didnt seem concerned about the bruise, she was also odly calm. I dont remember what we talked about but she told me to go to the bathroom.
I was very confused, and asked her why? She never answered but directed me to a door in the very back of the library and follow her instructions, that down that long creepy hall, to a few outside balconies i would eventually reach the bathroom. She told me, there is a man at the entrance wearing a suit, tell him you need to use the bathroom and he'll let you in. I went to the hall and looked back, she was gone, so i went. It felt like forever this hallway went on, it was dim and quiet, too still and made me fear it. I reached a balcony and there was the sky, but again, even if it was day, it was silent, still and eerily scary. I kept going eventually going to a strange room that had a french fry stall and a bathroom with a massive guy in a suit next to it.
I was kind of tempted to eat the fries, they smelled really good and had everything you could imagine as toppings, but i did what the woman told me. I went to the man, i couldn't see his face but i asked to use the restroom. I could almost feel him smiling and he let me through. Inside the restroom were chairs, some where empty so i sat down and woke up. Over the last few years it went like this. I met the blonde woman. We talked, she told me the bathroom was the exit and the man in the suit protected it and she'd
allways tell me to go to the restroom and id go down that hallway to the tall man and he would let me in, I'd sit and wake up. In the library, i never read the books. People were reading but part of me knew all the books were blank. A year ago i dreampt of the library again and temptation made me get some fries. Something was off. I kept eating them and they would never end, but they tasted like nothing, like a really strange emptiness. I noticed people eating them, happy, chatting but their plates never looked empty. I stopped eating them and went to the restroom, kind of wantng to eat them again but i decided not to go back and woke up.
I had the dream again last night. I saw the blonde woman, she looked exhausted, or maybe someone hit her, her eyes had bruises. She greeted me again but this time she seemed in a hurry and instead of the usual hello and mindless conversations she came up to me very fast and said "hello. It's been a while since you were here. Go to the restroom. You know where to go, down that hall, ask the man." And she left, very quickly without any other word. I went down the hall and it was very strange, darker than before, i started to think i came in with someone and was talking to someone behind me, i thought it was my boyfriend but no matter what i said he stayed quiet, never even came near me. Something was telling me not to look back, so i didnt. But to fill the silence i told them about the hall, the balcony, the room with the bathroom and the strange fry stand and the man who guarded the restroom that was the exit. I never got a response and it made me feel panicked. We got to the room and the restroom and man were gone. There was an empty cigarette stand instead that blocked off the restroom. Thats when it hit me. This was wrong, something was very wrong. I saw the bathroom guard sitting at the fry stand, his head down. He didnt move. I told myself to wake up, and i did.
I dont know what happened, why the woman seemed panicked, why the exit was suddenly blocked off, why the guard was moved and who was following me. I think i meesed up, and i dont know what ill find when i go back. Will the blonde woman still be there? The guard? The exit? Who was behind me? Did telling them about the exit remove it? I feel like i messed up bad. I want to go back, but i dont know whats going to happen, after i woke up, i had a feeling that i should have kept my mouth shut. I dont know if its just a dream that went bad, or something else, but i felt the need to share it. Maybe someone else has been to the library too.