a secret mission and a dangerous situation part 3

[continued] one was wearing high-tech armor ,shiny black in color. he was tall and very powerfully built. he wore around his waist what seemed to be a utility belt. the second one was a woman,wearing a copper robe and had a phosphorescent rock tied around her neck with a white rope. the third one was the most dangerous of all. he wore a black silk shirt,in one hand he carried a disc-like object which looked as if it might be a composite of brass and copper. in his other hand he had a rod which seemed like an amalgam, of tin,chrome and silver. we saw quite a bit from our vantage point. another door opened and two more people entered. one was a maid in Victorian servant clothes. she wore an ankle length skirt and a mob cap. the other one was a tall,blonde man in body armor. he seemed to recognize black shirt-this is how i will refer to him from now on- and at first the conversation was friendly. then suddenly the man's expression changed. he was looking at the rows of bottles and vials(there were a lot of them on a portable wooden trolley) and he turned to black shirt and said "this is interesting.look there"the place he was pointing at was all disordered several bottles scattered on the floor. there powders and one cream-like substance scattered on the floor.it looked like the remnants of some scientific experiment. black shirt responded first with an expression of surprise,then chagrin. i saw that he knew exactly what this meant. the man in armor: then it is true black shirt: without a doubt,and then with one sweeping movement (so rapid i could just barely see it) immobilized the maid and sent the man in armor flying up (yes, up. it was some sort of kinetic energy) into a wall of very hard metal, promptly knocking him unconscious . they all exchanged satisfied smirks and i realized they were accomplices in some sort of illicit conspiracy. but when they went over to another secret doorway the smirks changed to one of shocked consternation ,almost panic. "the notation and the missing key.where are they?"that was when my friend turned to me and whispered "you do not know it yet but a dangerous conspiracy has just been foiled. I am the only one who knows where what they are looking for really is. they would stop at nothing to get it. get ready" "for what?" for the greatest all out battle you ever saw" before i could say anything he broke cover and said this:" looking for something? what a pity square keys do not fit in triangle locks" i did not understand what this meant but they did. their expressions immediately turned to one of combat readiness. black shirt , in particular understood it {continued}
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