a secret mission and a dangerous situation part 4

black shirt commenced hostilities. the disc in his hand began to glow.he threw his disc into the air. it made the air heavier and thicker wherever it went. then it came back to him,just like a boomerang. my friend produced his own disc. it also began to glow but even more powerfully. black shirt responded by trying to re-charge his own disc. my friend threw his own disc into the air. it invigorated the air where it went. in fact,the air became super charged. it seemed able to move on its own. black shirt evidently had lost control over his disc. i saw sparks and balls of energy issuing forth from it. one these energy balls smashed 2 cups on the serving maid's tray. she was standing like a video on pause. but it also smashed some bottles on the trolley. some were dangerous chemicals which rose in a cloud over the area where,the conspirators were, forcing them to take cover. the dark warrior had a vacuum-like gadget which did suck in much of the toxic fumes. but it remained active. then black shirt changed his tactics. this time he used a gravity weapon. shot in groups of five and roughly the shape of commas they made the Atomsphere heavier. but my guide had been prepared for this. almost immediately concentric rings of iron-silver light went through the whole area, increasing the gravity pull until it was almost lighter than air, effectively canceling the threat posed by the anti-gravity commas-i call them that,for lack of a better term-but now the conspirators evidently decided to co-ordinate their efforts. they began all using their weapons at once, which had to be met. i will not go into the details of the forces and weapons employed. suffice it to say things eventually got to the point where it was endangering not only everyone in the room,but the dimensional portal and the gateway between worlds as well.with all the vibrations of light and sound beams used on full power this was hardly surprising. my guide signaled to me,and i felt myself on 2 levels of reality simultaneously. the astral me was looking at infinity while the corporeal me was looking at this metaphysical combat. i suddenly heard myself shouting " STOP YOU FOOLS. DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU ARE DOING. PUTTING IN PERIL THIS ENTIRE WORLD WITH YOUR INSANE HOSTILITY ,GREED AND LUST FOR POWER.DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE DIMENSIONAL GRID. OF THE NATURAL BALANCE IN NATURE. WHAT SORT OF WORLD WILL BE YOUR LEGACY. then i woke up. this is one of the most vivid and intense dreams i have experienced.
Dear J. Oak, your dream is magnificient. You could say that you have dug down to the deeper ground of evil, its root so to say, and when you continue everyday life up in the light again, you could say that it is brought with you, within you to the light, so this destruction can finally die. As you have shown ,the access to this part of our collective mind is barred for most of us to enter in conscious life, except for vivisectional purposes. So to keep this in the light will demand every strenght you ever had, and certainly you will be ridiculed when you claim such essentials as this. Remember that the overall humanity is denied access within their own mind, so but faith can do it all.
Sorry for being late, but this took some time. And I shall not forget it, hopefully.
Your friend , Arnfinnius
yes,arnfinnius i know that this was likely a visit to another level of reality,not just a dream. for that reason,for a long time i had doubts about putting on a dream forum. my misgivings were gradually overcome by several things #1 the knowledge that this experience on some level did correspond to reality #2 i had finally found someone whose judgement i trusted enough to interpret it#3 a friend of mine to whom i was telling this dream said "i know him" "what you actually know him?" and she told me about her own contact with him. that tipped me off to the truth i had long suspected, that this was more than a dream. certain writers have long alleged that numerous people are and have long been used for experimental purposes in underground facilities. this was above ground but top secret,in an isolated area. which would make sense as it would reduce the possibility of detection or someone stumbling on it by accident. i will tell you i recognized hickory and maple trees on the way there,so i know it would be in the northern hemisphere-they are only native to north America- perhaps someplace in the north woods. you may be certain i have not gone around blaring this through a loudspeaker. in fact there is still some uncertainty about the wisdom of publishing it at all. oh and by the way have you been in contact with Oliver Wedgwood? it will be interesting to know what he thinks about this. until our next communication, J. oak
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I only know Oliver Wedgwood from his commentaries on your dreams, I have not spoken with him myself, and do not have any clue about his whereabouts.
neither do i. all i know of him is that he lives in the united kingdom. his comments were very interesting. i am surprised we have heard nothing more from him. when i last tried to contact him he merely responded with LIKE. i am glad to have such an insightful analyst as you though, i know now there is no risk for me in publishing this dream. i am too aware of the psychic and divine energy. i any case, he operates on another level of reality. my friends contact was more direct but it too was in a vision state. in fact,this was something i needed to get off my chest,as the expression goes. and you are absolutely right. this does dig down to the root cause of much that is evil in our world. maybe i will contact Oliver Wedgwood on my own. strange he seemed to make contact and then withdraw. perhaps he will resume contact. normally there is a certain waiting period with me before i post a dream,but last night i had one so interesting and puzzling i may post it in the next week or so. along with a cryptic message i am having trouble deciphering the meaning of. it has me baffled. i am not sure whether i shall include that part. until our next conversation, J. oak357silversword
"Black shirt" operates still from the darkness, but his servants, slaves as do everything he commands is indeed present in this world. and similarities to what you saw in that lab. is done every day in locations... He is the essence of 666, which means in the number system of creation, 7. The approach that man and his will is the only reason for life. when this is manifested once, God is rejected wounded, and it will be forgiven, after considering the fruits of 6, it is repeated 6, no is The Son rejected wounded, and it shall be forgiven, after considering the fruit of this, 6 is repeated, now the Holy Ghost is rejected, it shall NOT BE FORGIVEN. God is offended and very very angry for a long time, but He is mercy above all human understanding. And Has started releasing kinds of fire , we until now has been spared for, fire we are responsible for. So pray for His mercy, cause we need it so.