A Snake Dream


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I was sitting on a soft wood floor in a peaceful, relaxing room filled with exotic furniture and bottled oils. Before me was a green anaconda about half my size. I was afraid for a second, but the fear dissipated upon realizing the snake was relaxed. It lifted its head and upper body towards me out of curiosity, and I then realized that I was projecting myself into the snake and the snake was me.


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Hello, interpreting dreams is generally quite challenging. It is more accurate to interpret these dreams by breaking them down into words or focusing on the most prominent object in the dream. Our interpretation for the snake in this context is as follows:
Dream Guide Hub | Snake Dream Meaning
I think in general having snakes in your dreams is very favorable. It is an archetype of feminine and goddess power. The snake is green, with all those connotations of growth and new life. The soft wood floor is organic and speaks of nature, as does the snake on another level. You become the snake and it becomes you; you are imbibed with this powerful energy.