A Strange Dream


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I am out in the town centre with others. We enter a bar and then I leave. I have three dead, yellow birds in my arms, holding them against my chest. I don't want them and I throw them at a man in the street. As they hit him they come back to life and fly away. The man's face is golden, he opens his mouth as if screaming without any sound. Now I am at home and my wife asks me to take her into town, I protest that it is nearly time for me to go to work, but I take her anyway. In town it is evening, we go to a shop, bric-a-brac sort of place. We look through assorted items and I put some few gold things aside, including a cross which I say is from the holocaust. Now I have to leave and I walk through the town centre. I get to a place where I have to ride on a lift like a ski lift. It takes me down to a grass area where I plan to catch a bus although I have only £1.50 in money. I try to jump off the lift when it is near the ground but my bag gets caught and I hang from it. I regret this and think to myself that I always do this thing where I try to be different when I ought to just do things properly. I manage to right myself on the lift.


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Some knee-jerk responses to this dream:

The first thing that leaps out at me is that two points which feel connected, the golden faced man whose touch revitalises, and the gold cross that has survived the holocaust. The continuity is of crossing a threshold, a boundary. Life after death/survival.

In the (town) centre I wish to cast off the dead, beautiful as they are, that they may be made to live again. I hold dead things close to me. I hold on to the dead. New life is found when I cast away the dead.


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"...the separation of the earthbound body, which participates in the cycle of death and renewal, and the "golden head", the soul, which has a different perspective. As "Children of the Golden Head", the alchemists also explored the fact that to be made whole includes being torn apart"

from The Book of Symbols, Reflections on Archetypal Images (Taschen, 2010)


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This dream vividly illustrates your journey through transformation and renewal.
  • Holding the dead birds symbolizes your grasp on things that have ceased to serve you, while their revival upon release suggests that letting go breathes new life into your world.
  • The man with the golden face represents your inner voice, urging you to release what's no longer beneficial, indicating a silence that speaks volumes about inner changes.
  • Your resistance to change, depicted by the ski lift and caught bag, mirrors life's challenges. Yet, the act of righting yourself signifies your resilience and ability to adapt.
  • The gold objects and the cross from the holocaust signify endurance and the preciousness of life that prevails through adversity.
This dream heralds a period of personal growth, encouraging you to embrace change, release the old, and welcome the new with open arms, reminding you that through letting go, you find renewal and strength.

You may soon find yourself letting go of a specific burden or responsibility that has been weighing heavily on you. This release will not only bring a sense of relief but also lead to an unexpected opportunity or positive change in your life. It could manifest as a new job offer, a creative project, or a renewed relationship that rejuvenates your spirit and brings joy into your daily routine. This change will be a direct result of your willingness to embrace new possibilities and let go of the past.