a vision through time and good advice part 1

this dream began with walking through a hallway. for a long time. i recall i had been walking when suddenly the hallway ended, or more precisely diverged. on one side the hallway branched off into an inside building. on the other side i saw a luscious green wooded area, with trees and ferns. it was very heavily wooded. the trees and foliage were so thick it was hard to see beyond. all of a sudden i could see beyond into a clearing . there were 7 people in the clearing . i did not get a good look at all of them. one was a man wearing a tricorn hat and a frock coat. another was a young woman in pioneer dress. then i could see someone i recognized. it was an actual person who had lived.sir William Johnson superintendent of Indian affairs in in colonial times he was in the middle of negotiations with a group of Indian chiefs. then i realized fort Duquesne was not far away. i will not go into detail of all i heard. then i turned around and saw a cobblestoned street in a town. when i walked along it the dreamscape shifted completely [continued]