A volcano dream - any insights appreciated!


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Hello all
I just found and joined this forum in hope there might be some "dream experts" here who could shed some light on a dream I had just before waking up this morning.
In the dream I am standing on the rim of a volcano crater and I can see that around the rim of the crater is some kind of writing but I can't read it however I sense that the firey light cast by the volcano when it erupts is going to illuminate the letters/words. In the dream the volcano is about to erupt ( I somehow know this) but I woke up before it happened. Now all day I have been feeling quite weird. Is this what I take it to be, a message from my unconscious/higher self/whatever you want to call it, that something is going on that I somehow need to verbalize / express or is there a specific symbolic or archetypal meaning behind a dream like this? I'd be grateful to hear anyone's thoughts. Thankyou!!
From the Dream Moods dictionary:
To see a volcano in your dream indicates that you are unable to control your emotions, particularly if the volcano is erupting.
You are ready to burst.
The outcome may be damaging and hurtful, especially to those around you.
If the volcano is dormant, then it represents past issues that have been resolved and put to the rest.

Can you describe the font style, or text of the writing?