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Hello. Just found and joined the forum. I had an interesting dream last night and wanted to post it to see if someone can help with a interpretation.

My dream began with me spending a night out in the country in a place that I’m familiar with in the dream, but is not a real location in my waking life.

Anyways I’m standing out under the stars looking up at a constellation and I black out for some reason. When I come to it’s the next evening and a person that I’m with tells me they found me outside passed out but that they think I was abducted by a ufo. Naturally I walk outside to do the last thing I remembered doing, which was staring up at the constellation, and I’m abducted again by the constellation itself which comes down and creates a wormhole that I go through. For whatever reason my dream allows me to be lucid this time instead of blacking out the experience.

Once I pass through the wormhole I end up in a waiting room that is much like the waiting room at a hospital. There’s quite a few people from the same place as me, but there are staff working there that I can tell are different. They look like people from home but are obviously different and not from there.

Eventually I get tired of waiting to be seen or recognized and I interrupt a male worker who is busy with another person from the same place as me.

I engage him and end up following him though he seems busy and preoccupied. This is a long sequence of the dream but I’ll boil it down. Essentially the man explains to me that the world he’s from is more important than earth and his people intend to divest the earth of any natural resources that are useful to them. This angers me and I begin to try to reason with him. When this doesn’t work I begin to threaten him but he runs away. Suddenly, lol, I realize I can fly and I close the distance to him only to realize that neither one of us have any fear of the other. Upon realizing this I recognize him as myself. We are duplicates but with separate histories and realities.

Weird dream that I can’t make sense of. Any thoughts? Thanks


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Hi Isaak

I work with dreams alot these days and I think this is a very important dream for you. Please let me know if you're around and would like me to give you a few thoughts and I would be happy to do so.