Accepting my inner weasel

In a dream I had in March 2002, I got into a fight with George Costanza, that balding, short weasel played by Jason Alexander on Seinfeld. I knocked him to the floor and put my foot on his face. What had I done? He is my best friend, perhaps my only friend. I kneeled before him, begging forgiveness. He shrugged off the incident.

Three months later, George again appeared in a dream. He was being interviewed on a talk show and was joking about his large bushy toupee. He took it off, revealing a smaller toupee underneath. He then pulled that off, showing his balding head. Suddenly, from backstage, my mother, who was wearing a fur coat, stepped behind George and kissed him on the head. George was surprised but not upset; he thought it was all a big joke.

In the first dream, I was trying to defeat my "inner weasel," that part of me that is insecure and selfish, but then realized I needed that part of my personality. In the second dream, the baldness represented my vulnerability. The more I reveal my weaknesses (removing the toupees), the more I am "blessed" by the Mother Goddess.