Alien warfare,


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I just had a craaaaaaaaazy dream it's so much to take in and must have meaning to it but I'm lost there are lots of elements to it. It starts with me knowing that Aliens were going to visit earth, I just kneeeeeew they were going to visit and told a few people at the start of my dream the dream goes on that i had to re aply for my job (which makes sense with all the stuff going on at work) however the job I was going for was a lift engineer which makes no sense becuase I'm work in admin. I was in the training class and the second I saw a questionnaire handed to me I kinda freaked out and left the room. I walked upstairs and talked to someone about redundancy and asked questionnes that are on my mind right now. However, it was at this point that i noticed some alien spacecraft's appearing in the night sky. I said "See people are, I told you they were coming" this soon turned into a war. We won and ended up destroying these crafts. All the pieces fell into a lake,/sea and turned it radioactive. The dream then moves to some old lady. She was testing to see how radioactive the water was but it was in the future somewhat. She put this handheld futuristic looking probe into the ground and when an pulled it out she said that the PH level is 2.1 I of course was shocked the dream goes onto some lady addopting lots of children but I don't remember it clearly.